Russian Blooms was founded by Sally Biloshiskaya, who is the director and the creator of all beautiful designs you see on our website.

Of course, like all great entrepreneurs, her journey started from a simple desire to do something she loves.

With a background in fashion and luxury brands, Sally's interest in bespoke services begun during her career as a stylist for royalty and celebrity clients.

Her passion for flowers eventually bloomed into becoming a qualified florist. Sally travelled and learnt from some of the top florists in the industry. You can always find her exploring gardens, forests and fields with wildflowers. 

Her unique creations and attention to detail led her to being commissioned from all over the UK and Singapore.

Sally blends floral skills and magical colour compositions with a unique floral charm into luxury flower designs. Each creation tied with high-end customer service.

Sally is the floral couture. Contact her for bookings and floral advice.